sweetness followed

The only thing more bitter than the cold that season was the sentiment.

The Cook family had begun the winter months as they had most others. Yet this year, their razor thin cohesion was to be tested when their own selfish pursuits converged against eleven-year-old Erin’s efforts to remain invisible.

There was the stay-at-home mother trying to salvage purpose out of her prosaic existence. The blue-collar father fighting to keep his temptations hibernating. The teenage son searching for an alternative to self-pleasuring. Oh…and let us not dismiss the barren Sunday school teacher trying to fabricate meaning out of the seemingly meaningless.

Be advised. The tale you are about to absorb is a darkly comedic and heartbreaking take on the failure to see God’s fingerprints, even when the signs are as subtle as a pink mitten clutching a rifle in the snow. A coming of age tale that is matter-of-fact in its portrayal of unguided adolescence and family strife; Sweetness Followed takes a satiric look at the nihilistic decent that America has taken through the lens of one troubled traditional family.

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